Milli Janatková

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Milli Janatková

“Deep” is a new solo project of Milli Janatková, a multitalented musician and visual artist from the Czech Republic, Europe.

“Buoh” is a brand-new single recorded as part of the project. The lyrics are in old Czech, and the main melody is based on a spiritual Czech song from the 14th century. The main melodic line of “Buoh” is complemented by melodies inspired by traditional Bengali songs from the West Bengal region in India, which Milli visited during a creative tour in November 2018. Captivated by the Bengali culture and music-making tradition, Milli composed “Buoh” (the Czech word for “God”) to foster communication and connection among people from different cultures and different places around the world. Milli’s goal was to show that all human beings are connected through fundamental roots and the quintessential qualities of life, and that they all deserve respect and trust, regardless of their origin.

Milli’s new project comes in the wake of “To My Roots”, her multimedia project honored with the Vox Populi Award for the a capella song “Mothers’ Magic” in The 16th Independent Music Awards in the U.S. “To My Roots” also received a Crossover nomination in the Classic Prague Awards. Released in 2017, “To My Roots” was recorded both solo and by the Milli Janatková Quartet with guests. The musicians perform songs written by Milli’s great-aunt Vera P. Kistler (1929-2006) who met an American soldier in the former Czechoslovakia during WWII and subsequently moved to the U.S. as a war bride. Milli arranged the vocal parts as well as a capella songs based on Czech folk music. The project has been received with great success in the Czech Republic, India, Luxembourg, Mexico, Serbia, Spain, and the U.S. It includes a CD with the songs, paintings, an original painted dress, performances, exhibitions, and workshops. The project has been made possible by crowdfunding and support received from the City of Mělník and the Czech Ministry of Culture. Its goal is to inspire people to seek ways of renewing hope and to assist them in the process of self-discovery.

In 2013, Milli Janatková released “Transformation”, her debut solo album that received four nominations for The 13th Independent Music Awards in the U.S. in 2014. In addition, Milli’s music was honored with four nominations for The 15th IMAs in 2016. Milli later arranged her compositions for the jazz setting of the Milli Janatková Duo and Quintet in which she performs alongside seasoned jazz musicians.

Milli’s musical instrument is her voice. She has been performing since 2006. In 2008, she studied at the Department of Music and Theater and the Visual Arts Department at the University of Évora in Portugal. In addition to singing and composing, Milli is an accomplished guitarist, an instrument she has played since childhood. In 2010, she added percussion, drums, and looping to her music-making palette. Fascinated by improvisation, Milli’s experimental approach uses her whole body – breath, voice, movement, and rhythms – to create eclectic music that combines elements of world music, traditional, jazz, Latin American, folk, crossover, experimental electronics, and ambient music styles.


  • Buoh

    • World Beat
    • World Traditional