The Southern Rock Junkies

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The Southern Rock Junkies

With the years ROB decided for the studio work and recorded -3- Double CDs (!) -> look at the website:
The idea of establishing the SRJ was born in the fall of 2004 at a lunch of Southern Rock mailing list members Rob and “Kalle” Ramming. The Southern Rock Junkies were originally composed only of members of the German Southern Rock mailing list and performed live only once during the annual meeting list. But as so often it was different than projected, SRJ passed in its first cast out the list members Eberhard Schmidt (guitar + vocals), Rob – (bass + vocals), Christian Schneider (guitar), Maik Schorrat (special guest on harp) and the three musicians of the group Pearly Gates Christian Haller (vocals), Dieter Dressel (guitar) and Robert Black (drums)- they played live on the German Southern Rock List events. —
The double CD album Rebel’ Till I die – Southern Paradise is the third album of the SOUTHERN ROCK JUNKIES. The CD 1 carries the title Rebel Till I and encloses 12 numbers, the CD 2 is called Southern Paradise and also has 12 songs. The title of this new publication is a programme: 24 Southern rock songs with a whole term of 132 minutes put on the rock fan substantially, but the friends of good Country rock or relaxed Country come as completely at her expense. The 8 sided booklet betrays something about the musicians and guests and grants many interesting insights concerning musical developments. This – already the third double album in succession – will complete the end of the rather not planned double CD trilogy and shows an other increase the ROCK SOUTHERN JUNKIES in Songwriting and great Southern Rock Sound.–
The Second Double CD of The Southern Rock Junkies With Special Guests – Rainer Pech – Peter Brkusic – and Butcher on the Track – Dont Drink And Drive When You Can Smoke And Fly – 8 Sides of the Booklet Tell The Story of The Southern Rock Junkies – The Members of The Southern Rock Junkies are – Epi Schmidt guitar – Markus Brod drums – Klaus Dietrich guitar – Peter Brkusic drums – Rob Hiemer bass and slide guitar – Mike Hennig producer and guitarplayer – Hear 25 brand ew Southern Rock Songs and enjoy the Feeling of good southern boogie rockin – full force – the Pulse of the Southern Rock–
The Southern Rock Junkies released in 2014 their first double cd – called: “First / Ghostriders of Southernrock” and this album was dedicated to Georg Bayer – the great “Southern Man of Lizard”


  • 1 Night Stand In Mexico

    • Pop

    • Rock/Hard Rock

    • Rock/Hard Rock


  • Southern Paradise

    • Short Form