Amber Carter

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Amber Carter

Amber Carter, born and raised in Niceville, Florida is a singer and performer who’s music embraces the small-town virtues of country music with mixture of classic and contemporary style. Growing up, music was always apart of Amber’s life in some way from the minute she could start speaking. Her father being from West Virginia, and her mother from the south, bluegrass and gospel music were a strong influence in her childhood. As she grew older she soaked up many other musical influences such as Loretta Lynn, Linda Ronstadt, Janis Joplin, Heart, Martina McBride, Lee Ann Womack, and Carrie Underwood; just to name a few, that helped shape her as singer. From 5th grade honor choir to high school chorus to singing in church on Sunday’s to singing around the world and studying Music Industry/Recording and Music Education in college, Amber developed an even stronger passion for music and knew that performing, playing, and singing was something worth pursuing! Blessed with a good, strong voice, she decided to pursue a career as an artist. She started her journey to Nashville, Tennessee and met with the right producer, started meeting people, working with song writers and finding what worked for her story and sound. She soon found the new music that would become her very own country album! Traveling back and forth to Nashville for two years, Amber has worked with many well know producers, song writers, and talented musicians, and together they have created a masterpiece like no other. In 2017 she released her very first single “With This Ring” on iTunes, Google Play, and many other music platforms. With highly anticipated new music on the horizon and a lot of long days and nights in the studio Amber has just released her new and latest EP “Drive You Away” with 6 wonderful songs, that will satisfy a little bit of everybody’s taste and style of country music. Amber loves singing and impacting others with her music. Her love and passion is strong and she hopes to continue to use it to bring people together.


  • Sunburn

    • Country
  • He Never Lets Her Get That Far

    • Country