Angel Tazari

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Angel Tazari

“Angel Tazari”, who am I ? Well, I was that little girl from Philadelphia, PA, who went off to college in New York at Adelphi University. And, then, what happened next? My story is no “Cinderella” , however, there have been some happy moments along the path to this new life. I’ve been living in and out of 2 countries : France & USA because I love the french language and the history of the country. Paris is my favorite city and it is there where I began my career in Show Business. The French have an eye for beauty and talent . They were the ones who discovered me. In Paris, modeling , acting and singing all began where I had an amazing life. Then, I got married in France, of course, however, had to return to the States since my husband was offered an employment in the USA. Here’s where another life changing event took place. A move to Dallas, Texas, and Grammy-nominee Dr. Larry “T-Byrd” Gordon I auditioned me to be a member of his band in order to become his recording artist. Now, the career of a recording artist is born. It is in Dallas, Texas, at LaMé Studios I began to bloom as a recording artist. As the career took flight, my played on radio stations in Costa Rica and in Australia as well as a few radio stations in the USA. And, the highlight , as my producer was mentoring me, he educated me about the National Academy of Recording Arts & Science upon which I had become a member.

Fast forward, my life had undergone some very challenging life experiences which left me in a depressed state and my music came to a halt. My Producer Grammy-nominee Dr. Larry “T-Byrd” Gordon I died suddenly while we were working on my 4th album. This left me feeling a great loss having no one by my side. Darkness had befallen upon me which took many years before I could resume work on the CD. The light started to shine when the son of my Producer, Lil’Larry contacted me offering to help me complete the 4th CD. Hence, this is where the story picks up.


  • Toi Et Moi [ Remix ]

    • Pop
  • Keep It Jumpin'Now [Remix]

    • Pop