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Born Divine, ( Born Davinci) AKA “Nell Vicious”, AKA “Rocwell”, a Baltimore native began his career in entertainment in 2001 for an audition with Tonya Blount. Blount Management that earned him a spot in a talent showcase. The showcase later lead Born Divine a chance to meet one of the owners of Prestige Entertainment. Later in 2002, Born Divine was flown to Chicago where he recorded with some of Chi-Towns heavy hitters on the under ground. The song was produced by Uncrowned City Records. He then returned to Baltimore recording with local Artists. Then, he featured on the album of an R&B artist by the name of C.R. Born Divine performed with this artist under the umbrella of his (C.R.) small production company, Beats of Nature, at the Latin Palace (Baltimore, MD). He even had the pleasure of doing some song writing for this artist and managed to establish a writing and production deal with the well-known R&B group, Profit Jones under Armor-Getting Entertainment. Born Devine was still on the path of independence. Mr. Vicious featured on the album of another local, independent, R&B artist by the name of Genesis Daze the CEO of Alpha World Entertainment. It was then in 2004 that Born Divine increased his open-mic performances in order to help enhance his live performances, all the while, still working on his solo album. In the process, he also performed at the Belvedere Hotel (Baltimore, MD). The year 2005 sparked another era in Mr. Vicious music career. His song concepts would now be portrayed as conscious hip-hop, which also meant a new and innovative identity Born Divine. Born Divine signified a conscience effort to take responsibility for the words that are relayed to the masses. Not only are they now going to hear the truths about life, but they are also going to be presented with their resolutions. Also in 2005, Born Divine had the pleasure and privilege of meeting Cappadonna from the Wu-Tang Clan. Through positive building and a mutual respect for the music industry, Born Divine and Cappadonna were able to build a genuine rapport with each other. He was then asked to feature on Cappadonna’s next album, ‘The Transition Volume 1’. Around the same time, Born Divine was invited by an artist called E the Poet Emcee and his company, Torchlight Entertainment, to be a part of and function as an artist with Torchlight Records. After his feature with Cappadonna, Born performed with him at Club Sonar (Baltimore, MD), and then the pair performed at the Thunder Dome (Baltimore, MD). It was these performances that paved the way for Born Divine to go on tour with Cappadonna. The tour started in Phoenix, Arizona and ended in South Beach Miami, Florida (Clubs Teaser and Drink). Mr. Divine appeared again with Cappadonna on a 2nd tour called “The Clash of the Titans Tour” along with other reputable, underground emcees such as Killah Priest and RA the Rugged man. The tour took them to places like Burlington, Vermont (Club Nectars), Portland, Maine, and Troy, New York. Born and Cappadonna was also seen performing with Prodigal Sunn at the Terrace Restaurant (Pasadena, CA) and at the Best End Café (Newark, DE). Born Divine can currently be found finalizing his Mix CD, I-Self-Lord-And-Master, as well as his 2nd album release, Born Divine in the Game as a joint venture with Rizen Entertainment Group. Born Divine is currently working with some heavy hitters from the Wu-Tang Clan such as Shyheim (The Man Child), Raekwon, Ratchet Rush, and a host of others. Born Divine is the most featured artist on Cappadonna newly released album The Capitalize Projects. Born Divine also hails as the most featured artist on Cappadonna album The Transition Vol. 1, having performed in 2007 in front of 70,000 people with GZA, Killah Priest, Dreddy Krueger and Cappadonna at Chicago pitch fork festival then in front of hundreds at the after party at the Funky Buddha Lounge. After which he attended the Rock The Bells Tour with Wu Tang and other music Legends Born Divine has always wanted to give back in ways that no one seen coming. So he started The Better Life Movement . WHAT IS THE BETTER LIFE MOVEMENT?THE BETTER LIFE MOVEMENT IS A PLAN OF ACTION FOR ALL HU-MAN FAMILIES TO STRIVE FOR A BETTER WAY TO LIVE. AS MEMBERS OF THE BETTER LIFE MOVEMENT WE BELIEVE THAT THROUGH AWARENESS AND FIXING THE (SEEMINGLY) SMALL PROBLEMS (THAT MAKE UP OUR BIGGER PROBLEMS AS A WHOLE) WE WILL ULTIMATELY ACHIEVE WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY OURS. WHO IS THE B.L.M. FOR? THE B.L.M. IS FOR ALL HU-MAN FAMILIES OF THE PLANET EARTH. WE DO NOT TEACH HATRED AND WE STRIVE DAILY TO ERADICATE PREJUDICES AND PRECONCIEVED IDEAS BECAUSE THAT IN AND OF ITSELF IS THE CAUSE OF SO MANY MISCONCEPTIONS AND WRONG ANSWERS. WE DO BY ALL MEANS TELL THE TRUTH AND STRIVE TO REVEAL WHAT TRUTHS THAT HAVE BEEN CONCEALED FOR FAR TOO LONG. WE ARE THE POOR RIGHTEOUS TEACHERS AND WE KNOW AND OVERSTAND THAT ULTIMATELY AFTER EVERYTHING IS SAID AND DONE…..WE ALL DERIVED FROM THE SAME SEED. TRUTH AND/OR INSIGHT FROM ANY RELIGION IS CERTAINLY APPRECIATED. WE WILL NOT HOWEVER, LET OR ALLOW “OL” TIME RELIGION BE A BARRIER BETWEEN US AND A BETTER LIFE. FOR UPDATES AND TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE MOVEMENT AND BORN DIVINE OR TO PURCHASE PRODUCTS OR SERVICES PLEASE CONTACT US [email protected], BORN DIVINE MAY 2015 AKADEMIA BEST MUSIC VIDEO AWARD WINNER.