Crystal Sound Project

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Crystal Sound Project

crystal sound project was founded in 2016 by visual artist bilyana furnadzhieva and composer Viktor Benev. Sculptures in porcelain charged with metal oxydes interact with musical ideas and technology to create an immersive audio-visual space. The project creates a common ground for experimentation between various cultures, languages and art forms. Current collaborators include Selma Savolainen (Finland), Artëm Naumenko (Russia), Aïda Nosrat (Iran), Babak Amir Mobasher (Iran), Lea Lu (Switzerland), Axel Rigaud (France), Petko Tanchev (Bulgaria).

The first album of crystal sound project was released in 2018 and recorded, mixed and mastered by renowned french Victoire de la Musique winner engineer Philippe Teissier du Cros. The music from the album, as well as new material have been presented at numerous important venues, such as the Ancient Roman Theater in Plovdiv (Bulgaria), Château de Vincennes (France), La Musée de Minéralogie Mines ParisTech (France), La Générale (pour la programmation officielle de la Nuit Blanche 2018 in Paris, France).

On december 12th 2019 the first music video of the band feat. Iranian singer Aida Nosrat was released by the label enovae.


  • My Lover's Hands (feat. Aida Nosrat)

    • Eclectic