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Upon his arrival in January of 1982 it was clear that Mathew “L.S” Scott would be destined to be a blessing. Being born premature at 2lbs with a plethora of complications, as if dying wasn’t enough, he learned immediately about not only dealing with trials and tribulations first hand but also overcoming them. They say “you have to struggle to be able to truly appreciate success.” L.S, is a living testament to which confirms this statement. There were events that took place in the early stages of his life that were in a sense prepping him for an epic motion picture like life story, one that would document everything from his mistakes, and learned lessons, to his trials and triumphs. When it comes to true artistry there are usually journeys that one takes filled with life lessons that when shared can provide not only a guide for self but for others as well. L.S. if you listen carefully is a potent lyricists and his message conveys truth, power, reality, and substance. As a child he also stood out and brought something different to the table when it came to his talent he naturally entertained any opportunity involving a crowd and a microphone. It became obviously clear from the beginning according to his actions that his gift once unwrapped and unveiled to the world, would be delivered in an artistic form and would be introduced to the world in the form of music. From day 1 that gift was writing. His writing always came from his own personal experiences and what he saw others go through. His ability to accurately put a person’s life in a story with such detail that you feel like it’s his is what separates him from others. L.S. even as a kid always maintained a level of consciousness when it came to his surrounding and the world but Ghana West Africa where he resided from 1995-1996 opened up his eyes to true struggle and had an effect on him that would change his life forever. L.S. has performed globally and internationally as a kid and an adult he’s perform with and for Afro-Man, Akon, and Billboard Artist Menice who he worked closely with together on Menice’s Label M&R International Music Group. It was on this label that L.S along with others on the team were writing pieces that helped constructed top Billboard hits for Menice like Fame, and Sweet like Candy, to name a few.


  • $$Money$$Money$$Money

    • Rap/Hip-Hop