LR-60 & Qero

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LR-60 & Qero

INCA, the fascinating debut album by LR-60 & Qero LR-60 (aka veteran trumpeter Skip Warren) and electronic artist Qero (Michael Beaumont), brings a highly original, sonically trippy and transcendent vibe some describe as “organic psychedelica” to the Smooth landscape. There are Latin rhythms, pocket grooves, throbbing beats and dreamy ambiences, yet the deeper flow and intricate, percussive tapestry of their trance-inducing, hypnotic exotica tap into Inca spiritual traditions and the colorful, expressive cultures of Mexico, Central and South America. Warren started his career touring for ten years with legendary bluesman Bobby Blue-Bland – and these influences add depth and texture throughout.



  • Qero

  • Silvio Manuel