Nader DeAik

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Nader DeAik

San Francisco Artist, from Middle Eastern and Mediterranean decent, celebrates world frequencies through his unique blend of world music genres. The International singerproducer, music and lyrics writer of highly creative original songs that are widely energetic, enigmatic and soothing to the ears. Nader DeAik’s strong energetic stage presence with uniquely blended Middle Eastern music with Rock, Global Dance Music, EDM, Latin  and more made him a recognized sensation in his genre. Accompanied by an ensemble of highly talented band members. DeAik continues to collaborate with world class singers such as Rachid Taha, as well as musicians and engineers who have been associated with the Gorillaz and Jeff Bridges, to name a few, on stage and in recording sessions. DeAik’s songs are heard on radio stations worldwide and are currently sold offline and online.


  • Ole Ola, The Dream is Near