Steel Standing TX

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Steel Standing TX

Steel Standing TX is from Spicewood, a lakefront suburb of Austin, TX (Live music capital of the world).
They have been described as “Blues meets 60’s Psychedelic” with their growing eclectic catalog of original tunes and unique covers. All members contribute their songwriting skills equally to this four piece band consisting of David Houston, Leo Maurer, Roger Kinzel and Leslie Adams.
Leslie Adams is a true blues woman. Her songs come from experience and she expresses them with that “I’ve been there girl” attitude. Her fiery stage presence and big vocals bring the house down.
Leo Maurer brings to the stage his masterful leads and David Byrne-Like vocals combined with intelligent songwriting skills that electrify the stage.
David Houston never misses a beat. His technical proficiency and passionate performance along with his mad song writing skills make him a cut above.
Roger Kinzel exudes an on stage energy that is contagious. This gifted bassist infuses the atmosphere with his song lyrics and powerhouse vocals.
The minute we hit the stage, we pour our heart into it and give a performance that they will remember! People tell us “you guys have so much fun!” And we truly are!
*Keeping Austin weird one groovy song at a time!*


  • Cajun Queen