The Diva Lyn

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The Diva Lyn

#LYN #The Diva Lyn
(Birthname: Leonard Hicks), was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois April 19, at Cook County Hospital Ward 54 in the 60s and grow up on the Southside on the Low End, 43rd Street in the Robert Taylor Homes building 4429 in the middle of everything good and bad , with him being a 60s baby and the youngest of two biological sisters and a brother , but raised as a Middle Class Only Child by his parents Mr. and Mrs. Hicks. The Diva Lyn’s style of music was that 70s, 80s, and 90s in all types of music, but his love for music from the 20s, 30s, and 40s was born and raised in The First Church of Deliverance #FCD
4315 So. Wabash Ave. Chicago, Ill, Founded by The Right Rev. Clarence H. “Preacher” Cobbs in 1929 the birthplace of Gospel Music. Lyn “The Diva Lyn” was born around and in Music and just have a Great Love for music.
The Diva Lyn has been singing most of his life generally and professionally he has sung and traveled in his home church choir The First Church of Deliverance.


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