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Flint, Michigan native Anthony James Ackerman, known by his stage-name TJA, is a music artist on a mission. The rapper/singer/songwriter started experimenting with music around the age of 16 with help from is brother who taught him how to rap. By 18, TJA was working diligently on perfecting his craft and finding his footing. Navigating away from solely rapping, he was inspired by artists like Akon and Ne-Yo to push beyond his boundaries and sing, and by Eminem to learn as many styles as possible. Other musical influences like Lil Wayne, J. Cole and Childish Gambino also showed him how rap can be used in many different ways.

In January 2019, TJA released his debut album, Meeting of the Minds, Pt. 1, that displayed his unique style of Hip-Hop sound with a pop feel. That style came to life even more when he hit the stage to give entertaining, high-energy performances, complete with lights, booming music and fun interaction with the crowds. The album, and shows, helped him garner fans throughout his hometown and beyond, aiming to inspire others as much as his influences inspired him. When asked about his mission, he replied, “I do music because it’s my outlet, my way of telling my story. It’s my way of letting others know they are not alone. I make music because of the power it has to save us.”

Currently working on new material, TJA is looking forward to sharing his mission with the world one song at a time.


  • See Me On Top


  • See Me On Top (Official Music Video)